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Saturday, June 02, 2007
Yang Satu Itu

"Istri lo kapan pulang?"

"Tahun depan lah," jawab gue. Istri gue lagi ngambil S2 half a world away from where I am.

 Pasti ada pertanyaan lanjutan nih, pikir gue.

"Wah, masih lumayan lama ya."

Jeda sekitar dua detik.

"Terus gimana cara lo mengatasi masalah yang satu itu?"

Ini dia pertanyaan yang udah gue antisipasi bakal banyak ditanyakan oleh orang-orang tapi tetap saja merupakan pertanyaan yang paling nyebelin bin annoying.

I mean, what's wrong with everybody? Kenapa pertanyaan yang paling sering gue denger justru pertanyaan yang jawabannya sangat pribadi dan 'kesalahan' (perhatikan tanda kutipnya, ya) menjawab akan mengakibatkan mereka mengernyit dan mengubah pandangan mereka terhadap gue. (Padahal mereka mau bantu juga belum tentu)

Get it?

Bisa nggak lo bayangin muka mereka kalo gue jawabnya, "Oh, nggak masalah tuh, kan gue udah punya langganan," atau "Yah, cari aja penggantinya. Lo mau?" (pertanyaan ini bisa diajukan ke cewek maupun cowok. Hehehehe…)

Pernah saking sebelnya ditanyain soal itu, gue langsung pasang muka asem.

"Kenapa sih itu yang ditanyain? Itu kan urusan pribadi gue," gue bilang.

Gilanya itu orang malah maksa dengan menanggapi gini:

"Ya, kalo orang udah nikah kan udah terbiasa melakukan itu."

Sinting kan? Hampir aja gue meradang waktu itu. Gue udah bisa merasakan bulu kuduk gue naik…hehehehe.

Seks emang penting untuk orang yang sudah menikah, it bonds you with your spouse. Cuma, apakah seks memang yang terpenting?

Yang paling gue rindukan bukan sentuhan kulit dengan kulit yang dilakukan pada tengah malam, saat anak sudah tidur.


Yang paling gue rindukan dari kepergian istri gue adalah percakapan panjang sebelum tidur yang selalu kami lakukan. Percakapan mengenai apa saja, film, lagu, buku-buku yang sudah kami baca (biasanya kami saling merekomendasikan buku-buku itu), sampai masalah idpoleksosbud.

Yang gue rindukan adalah menonton TV bersama dan berdiskusi mengenai plot dan cerita film atau serial yang kami tonton.

(Sampe sekarang gue males nonton CSI karena nggak ada partnernya.)

Yang gue rindukan adalah senyuman pagi hari saat bangun tidur atau—kayaknya ini yang lebih sering terjadi—diangkatnya tangan kanan sambil melebarkan kelima jari sebagai tanda: wake me up in five minutes.

Tapi ini bukan berarti gue juga nggak merindukan yang satu itu, ya. Gue gila kalo gue bilang gitu. Hanya saja, saat ini kami sepakat untuk menjadikan seks sebagai kepentingan nomor sekian lah. Masih ada hal-hal yang lebih penting yang bisa menyibukkan kami.

And please, guys, instead of asking that question, tanyakan bagaimana gue membagi waktu antara kerja dan anak. Tanyakan gue hal apa yang menyebabkan gue mengijinkan istri gue pergi jauh padahal anak kami mengalami kelainan pertumbuhan. (Pertanyaan ini justru pernah ditanyakan oleh rekan yang menganggap dirinya kurang pandai dan minder saat mau dikenalin sama temen gue yang lagi meraih gelar Doktor di Kyoto. Padahal katanya dia—si rekan, bukan calon Doktor—sedang mencari jodoh…hehehee)

Pendeknya, tanyakan hal-hal yang lebih berisi dan membuat gue berpikir dalam menjawabnya. Pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang membuat gue ingat bahwa gue punya anak yang menunggu gue pulang ketika gue sedang asyik bekerja hingga larut malam.

Pertanyaan-pertanyaan semacam itu yang lebih gue hargai ketimbang pertanyaan sederhana mengandung jebakan seperti yang gue tuliskan di atas.

Tapi gue tau lo pasti penasaran juga sama jawaban gue atas pertanyaan menyebalkan itu kan?

Nih jawaban gue:

"Lo lihat kan, tangan kanan gue lebih gede dari tangan kiri?"



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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Who Am I?

You are NYARLATHOTEP, the mind, spirit, physical representation of and messenger to, the Outer Gods. Often manifesting in human form, Nyarlathotep is a great manipulator of humans, bending them to the will of his masters.
In true form Nyarlathotep is a 55' tall monstrosity with a giant trunk-like proboscis. But he prefers the guise of a human, often appearing as a rich, well educated man, bending people to his will and towards their ultimate downfall.

Know who you really are!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007
One Not-so-fine Morning in the Office Elevator

So there I was, running towards the elevator, racing with its closing doors, clipping my ID on my breast pocket. The traffic jam had erased my good morning mood and the bus ride had been slooooooow. It had to stop a few times for some minutes to wait for prospective passengers who come at a speed of one person at every five minutes.

So I was sweating and annoyed, not to mention smelling like the smog that permeates Jakarta every morning.

But I made it to the elevator. And the fact that I did not have to wait for another five minutes waiting for it watching a very stiff presenter yapping on the lobby TV lifted my spirit just a little. Just a little, mind you.

And then I noticed the other passenger of said elevator. A young man wearing a slightly oversized suit—the kind of suit that was not tailor-made and no matter how everyone (e.g. your mom) said it fits you always one size bigger than it should be. His pale-white (or yellow, as you Americans love to put it) skin and narrow and slightly slanted eyes betrayed his ethnicity.

This young man was staring intently at the ID dangling on my left side. He was reading it and inspecting my photo and that made me uncomfortable. Then, without warning, he pointed to the sign on the elevator wall—right next to the door—thanking everyone for always wearing his/her ID. And he began to laugh as if it were the funniest, most hilarious thing he had ever seen.

“In all the days I work in this building I have never worn any ID,” he said to nobody in particular. I thought he was talking to me, but his eyes were not focused on anything.

This annoyed me to no end and I felt like punching him in the face. Thankfully for the kid, the elevator reached my destination and, with immense relief, I stepped out, leaving the weird, still chuckling kid behind.

To this day I wonder what he had for breakfast…

Monday, April 16, 2007


resmi sudah setahun lewat tanpa ada update apapun dari pemilik blog yang memang sangat pemalas ini!!

eh, malah udah lebih dari setahun ya? lewat beberapa bulan gitu.

anyway, di kantor baru yang (juga) sudah gue jalani selama setahun lebih beberapa bulan ini gue punya julukan baru. si silet.  bukan karena gue suka bawa bawa silet ke mana-mana dan nyiletin orang-orang (....hmmm....), tapi karena mereka bilang mulut gue tajem dan nggak punya hati kalo ngomong.

well, truth hurts, boys and girls, it's time you learn that fact of life.

udah ah, males...pokoknya udah genap setahun sejak terakhir kali blog ini diupdate oleh saya.

nantikan update selanjutnya entah kapan.


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Thursday, February 02, 2006
nothing, really.

well, it's been almost a year since i wrote something in this blog.
come to think of it, i hate the sound of..of..that.
it sounds just like a cross between a barfing sound and something moist and meaty falling on the floor.
'blog!' the shga'sngherra fell. or the whng'aishn'aagh fell on the floor with a blogging sound.

man, am i bored or what!?

now, maybe some of you wonder why i haven't bothered to update this weblog?
the answer is quite simple, really. i have nothing to say here. no stories to tell, no nothing. and i might finally add that i have another one of this thing out there.
yep, you might wanna consider visiting that. it's newer.

no, seriously, go there.

on another note, a few nights ago i just watched George A. Romero's Land of the Dead. if you haven't watched it, by all means, go and watch. it's interesting and even much better than Blade: Trinity (which i watched after that.)
another undisputable truth that zombie rules. period.

that's it for today, then. catch y'all when i catch ya!


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Monday, June 27, 2005
Monday Morning


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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
programmer on duty (read: tour)

well, here am i.
in the heart of the world's most prolific movie industry. los angeles. city of angel.
arrived on 20th of May and i'll be staying here till the 29th.
so what am i doing here?
l.a. screenings 2005.
and what happens on l.a. screenings?
nothing much, really. just watch movies and tv programs, make acquaintances with people in the industry, and so on.
party here, dinner there.
all expenses borne by the company.
what makes it short of perfection is the lack of the missus and the kid.
god i miss 'em.

five more days to go.

yeah, i get a little bored at times. my hotel is far from anywhere and taxis aren't that easy to get (and quite expensive, too).
but hey, when duty calls, you just go with the flow (wink, wink.)

it's 8 PM now and the sun still refuses to set.
it's quite naughty here, the sun. glaring at you without mercy at noon.
feels like living in a planet rotating around twin suns.
but the flowers are blooming and filling the city with colors.

for three mornings i saw Huginn or possibly Muninn (are you really sure it wasn't Matthew or Aristeas of Marmora?) flew by cawing and tokking on top of trees.
black as night.
today as i returned to the hotel i even saw one of them eating a roadkill in front of the Fox Plaza (the one used in Die Hard.)
great big bird, they are. almost as long as your arm from head to tail.

well, i guess that's about wraps it up for today.
catch y'all later, guys.


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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
the wish of one who's so bored he'd find the shape of a cellotape exquisitely amusing

it's just one of those days.
when your brain seems to have a momentary shut down.
when all you want is just spend the day--heck, the rest of your life--just playing around with a toddler who has just owned a plush cow which, when you squeeze its body, can go 'MOO, MOO, MOO'.
(even though the toddler looked just mildly amused by it and sometimes still guides your hand to help him squeeze said cow. or maybe he was just being modest. or shy.)
oh, it would be grander than grand to watch him run around the house, inspecting each room. babbling almost discernible words.
it would be joyously wonderful to see him try to wear his parents' belt, pick up an unused telephone and greets the silence with an innocent 'hayyo?' continued with pure, unadulterated laugh.
alas, i am bound with the routinity of being a vampire....

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Monday, April 04, 2005
April 4

Early morning, April 4
Shot rings out in Memphis sky
Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride

"Pride (In the Name of Love)" -- U2

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Friday, April 01, 2005

Pada suatu hari, di sebuah gubuk tua tinggallah seorang kakek dengan seorang cucunya, seorang anak yang sehat dan rajin bekerja membantu Kakek di ladang.

Setiap malam, mereka berkumpul di depan perdiangan dan Kakek akan mulai bercerita pada cucunya.

Ceritanya begini:

Pada suatu hari, di sebuah gubuk tua tinggallah seorang kakek dengan seorang cucunya, seorang anak yang sehat dan rajin bekerja membantu Kakek di ladang.

Setiap malam, mereka berkumpul di depan perdiangan dan Kakek akan mulai bercerita pada cucunya.

Ceritanya begini:

Pada suatu hari, di sebuah gubuk tua tinggallah seorang kakek dengan seorang cucunya, seorang anak yang sehat dan rajin…

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