Entry: I'm Trying, I'm Trying! Tuesday, November 06, 2007


for a while now i've been trying to make this blog alive again, but to no avail. either i am too busy to think about something to write, or if there are things to write about it's much too personal for tender eyes like yours.

sure, the last entry was made but five days ago, but before that 'Strange Meetings' was almost never updated. (and to think that i actually made a resolution to update it at least once every month.)


we shall see whether i could continue this endeavour in the upcoming months. in the meantime please enjoy this little tale that happened a couple of nights ago.

so there i was, just got home from work, dog-tired mentally and physically, and hungry to boot.

I looked at the TV Guide searching for something interesting to watch while i had my dinner alone for the nth time, and sure enough i found something that might hold my interest while keeping my brain from working. i switched the tv on and shuffled through a multitude of channels to the one channel i wanted, no, needed to watch.

NHK World.

the program was Shibuya Live Stage: That's Comedy.

do i understand Japanese? not enough to understand what the two characters are yelling each other at, that's for sure.

meal: check. incomprehensible yet entertaining tv program: check. table and chair: check.

so i sat down, like so. and put my right foot on the chair, like so. and enjoyed the meal.

and the door connecting the living/dining room to the garage opened, and enter my wife's cousin.

before we go on with this tale, let's take a gander at this cousin of hers. he lives in Bandung with his family, but worked in one of the oil and gas company in Jakarta, so he spend weekdays at our house and weekends at his own house in Bandung. this guy is one of the most taciturn person i know. i usually got home finding him asleep before the tv set. and after a couple of minutes he would wake up just enough to say, "i'm turning in," and went upstairs to his room.

in the morning i would wake up to find him ready to go to work, saying: "i'm going now," to which i would sleepily nod or make some appropriate sounds i seldom remember. he seems to talk more to my son.

which is fine, as i am also a man of few words. (this may be hard to believe, but believe you me.)

so anyway, he went in, glanced at the tv and asked me, "what're you watching?"

"japanese comedy," i said.

he went to the pantry and returned with a glass of water, and seated himself on the other end of the dining table.

and we proceed to watch two japanese (one of them dressed as an old woman) yelling at each other.

when the comedic duo finished he asked:

"naon ceunah?"

"teuing," i answered.

and he grabbed his glass of water and, smiling, went upstairs to his room.

naon ceunah = what did he/she say? or what did they say?
teuing = dunno.


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