Entry: I Feel For You Thursday, November 08, 2007

'Yo, you still got that Nana dvd? Can i borrow it again?'

'No man, it's all gone. I've thrown it away.'

'Seriously, man? Is it because you're getting married?'



'Well, actually what happened was, I went home and found my room all tidy and redecorated and repainted and...'


'Before I even say a word my mom said "I've thrown everything out!"'

His eyes focused on nothing. He was close to tears.

'All my collection from my high school days. Bandung Lautan Asmara, Sarah Azhari, Casting Iklan Sabun, Asia Carrera's Greatest Moments, even my FHM collection. All gone, Man.'

A moment of silence.

'I feel for you, man,' I said and went away.

Yeah, I feel for you.


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